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David Duncombe

David Duncombe


David has resided in Camden since 1991 and practised in the Macarthur region from 1984 until 1986 and from 1994, when he joined Dignan & Hanrahan, to the current time.

In 1993, David became the first Accredited Specialist Family Law in the Macarthur region.  David has gained a wealth of experience in family law, having practised in this jurisdiction for almost 40 years.

David has been involved in the resolution of financial issues for parties which has involved asset pool ranging from the conservative to mult-million dollar pools involving complex corporate and Trust structures.

He has also acted in proceedings relating to the care arrangements for children of relationships, which has involved issues as to live with/spend time, relocation both within Australia and overseas, in complex issues of a medical and cultural nature.

David is regularly appointed as an Independent Children’s Lawyer in proceedings to act on behalf of children who are the subject of contested proceedings.

David is a Member of the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia.

In additional to family law, David has a broad range of experience in respect to general legal practice.